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Mise au concours – Chaire de théologie dogmatique (langue française) – Fribourg

Chers frères, chères sœurs, Je vous envoie ici la mise au concours de la chaire de théologie dogmatique (langue française) à la Faculté de Fribourg, Suisse. La spécialisation demandée pour cette chaire c’est: théologie des sacrements et ecclésiologie (c’est-à-dire au moins l’un de ces deux domaines). Les dossiers de candidature doivent être envoyés au doyen…



As a Glasgow Lay Dominican, I take a vow to the Order every three years. The last time was in St Dominic’s cell in Santa Sabina in front of the Master, Timothy Radcliffe, apart from anything else, an old friend. For some reason, I was bit nervous and said solemnly: I renew my vow for three days! Timothy bent down and said: That’s not much of a commitment, Duncan.


This title is provoking and it puts forth a question, a call, which takes into account the doubts; it is a cry hoping to be heard. We chose it because we think it summarizes well our situation as Dominican Laity today. We are members of the “Order of Preachers”, called to witness. But how do we hear the Word of God we ought to convey to others, and how do we bring others to understand that it makes us live? To proclaim the Gospel or to not proclaim it, that is the question. And we may condense this in an English catchphrase: “To preach or not to preach, that is the question”.

Meditation with the Pilgrim Image

The Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities meets at Rome to prepare this assembly. I remember the words, Bruno Cadoré, our Master, said, when he saw the icon of St. Dominic first while we had our meeting: “A colourful picture! It fits not only to Lay Dominicans, it fits the whole of the Order. It expresses our colourful variety.”

Letter nº2 of the Master of the Order


Rome, May 4t”, 2001

Mrs Patricia Robinson

European Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities

Dear Patricia,

I have received your message sent yesterday, in which you express your desire for my presence at the Vth European Assembly of Lay Dominican Fraternities in Fognano. I have no doubt that both you and the members of the Council will understand the reasons why I cannot come, much to my regret. Every year, the General Council of the Order meets in plenary session in May and November. We spend the whole month working day and night. That’s the way it is in an Order which has taken up St. Dominic’s challenge to preach the Word of God to the world! It will be good to bear this in mind when you plan the next meeting, if you hope for any members of the General Council to come and make an appearance. This work is especially intense this May because it is the last Plenary Chapter of my nine years as Master, and the days that you have chosen are even more impossible because they coincide with the Feast of St Dominic which we celebrate then because most of the brethren are away in August. I spent much time trying to find a way to be with you, but alas it could not be done.