VideOP Challenge

On the occasion of its 800 years, the Dominican Order invites you to participate in a competition. Form your team and shoot a three minute video on the diversity of the missions of the Dominican family (brothers, sisters, lay people,…).


Tharif Khalidi, Director of the Centre of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, and Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge, has collected stories of Jesus in his book The Muslim Jesus: Saying and Stories in Islamic Literature.

I will start by telling you one of them:

A man joined Jesus, saying ‘I want to be your companion‘. They started their journey and, when they arrived at the bank of a river, they sat down to eat. They had three pieces of bread. They ate two and left one. Jesus went to the river to drink some water. When he came back and did not find the third piece of bread, he asked the man: ‘Who has taken the bread?’ The man answered: ‘I do not know.’ They continued their journey and on their way, Jesus performed two miracles. He spoke to his companion and asked twice, ‘In the name of the One who has shown you this miracle, I ask you: who took the bread’? ‘I do not know’ answered the man once again. Then they arrived at the desert and sat on the sand. Jesus made a heap of earth and sand and told him, ‘With God’s permission, turn into gold and so it happened. Then Jesus divided the gold into 3 parts and said ‘A third for you, a third for me and a third for the person who took the piece of bread.’ Here the companion said ‘I took the bread’ Jesus said ‘The gold is all yours.

Young lovers

The young couple sitting near me on the train were very affectionate, kissing and cuddling each other, and I found it rather irritating. Finally the girl, who was very pretty, fell asleep and something made me smile at the young man, who immediately said: “I saw you were using a prayer book. Are you studying…