ECLDF Newletter 1/2012


ECLDF meeting in Chieri, Italy
European Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities met on its 2nd meeting from 19th – 22nd April 2012, in Italy, at the Chieri convent. As on 8th April 2012, for personal reasons, Jacinta O’Donnell resigned from the European Council, in accordance with paragraph 1.A.7 of the Statutes; her place has been taken by Eva Zúdorová. Eva will hold a Communication Officer role. Members of Council agreed on way of working while using modern communication means. (Skype, Twitter, Facebook)


At the last European Assembly in Slovakia in 2008 it was proposed that the European Dominican laity make use of modern technology by launching a lay preaching website to publish stories of fruitful use of our opportunities to preach the Good News by word, gesture and example. The Assembly appointed a team of four – three lay Dominicans and the Promoter General – to manage this new initiative. The lay members were chosen not least because they are all in one way or another professionals with words: they are a couple from Brussels, Guido Van Damme, who is a journalist; Bénédicte Van Damme, his wife, who is a translator; and me, Ruth Anne Henderson, a Scot living in Italy, an academic in the field of English language studies.  It is useful too that we are each fluent in at least two languages and competent in at least one more.

Dominican Family Day

Following the suggestion of the General Chapter of Providence (ACG Providence, 2001, n° 429), the brothers are invited to celebrate annually a Day for the Dominican Family. The Chapter indicated 7th November, Feast of All Saints of the Order of Preachers, as an appropriate date and this feast now approaches!

A letter from Bro. Bruno Cadoré, Master of the Order.

New Council

In it’s first meeting, in Paris, 26-27 August, the members of ECLDF made their elections.

Officers as follows: President, Ruth Anne Henderson,(Italy);

Secretary, Jean Michel Solente, (France);

Treasurer, José A. Muñoz Mata, (Spain);

Formation Officer, Leny Beemer, (The Netherlands).

Communications Officer, Jacinta O Donnell, (Ireland).