Formation Report

The ECLDF Assembly 2011 in Caleruega gave to the new council the assignment to give attention to the urgent question of how to organize and improve the formation of Dominican Lay Fraternities in Europe. The final Formation Report for the ECLDF Assembly 2014 in Bologna gives an overview of the various contents, forms and methods of initial and ongoing formation, together with references to some literature.


The European Council for Lay Dominican Fraternities has produced these Acts of the Fifth Assembly of the delegates of the Lay Dominican Fraternities of Europe. This was the first Assembly organized by an elected Council of Lay Dominicans, and as with so many other organizations, it proved to be a great challenge and beset with…

Feast of St. Dominic 2017

On August 6th 1221 St. Dominic died in Bologna. Only thirteen years later he was canonized. His feast day is on August 8th and the whole Order worldwide celebrates this feast. That’s why the European Council of the Lay Dominican Fraternities is sending a greeting to all their sisters and brothers.