Homily on the Feast of St Boniface

Homily 5 June 2004 (2 Timothy 4.1-8; Mark 12.38-44)
Feast of St Boniface

1. Encourage through all patience and teaching… put up with hardship… and fulfill your ministry. In these words to Timothy, Paul includes all the elements of a holy preaching: encouragement, patience, hardship and fulfilment.

2. Encouragement: The word means ‘to put heart into,’ or ‘to comfort.’ It is also one of the readings for the feast of St Dominic, who was described by his companions as ‘the best possible comforter’ and encourager. To encourage does not mean to simply pat another on the back but rather to put into the other one’s own heart.

Fr. Bruno Cadoré: To the members of the European Assembly of Lay Dominicans

My dear brothers and sisters,

 At the time when you are holding your assembly, I am happy to send you through the good offices of Br. David Kammler my most brotherly greetings and I assure you of my communion in the action of grace and prayer, asking God to give you the strength and joy of the Holy Spirit, inspiring the directions you will take together for the life and mission of the Lay Dominican Fraternities in Europe.