Dominicans look forward to celebrating double Jubilee

The Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy announced by Pope Francis gives Dominicans across the globe a double occasion to make 2016 a really special year.
Yes, because as Fr Vivian Boland OP, Vicar of the Master of the Dominican Order told Vatican Radio, members of the Order were preparing to mark 800 years since its foundation when Francis’ announcement took them by surprise…

A testimony and appeal for Iraq

The European council of Lay Dominican Fraternities (ECDLF) appeals  to the Dominican lay fraternities to make a concrete and active commitment in welcoming Iraqi refugee families and responding to the various calls of the threatened populations.

This urgent call is initiated by the chapter of the French Dominican laity, which took place from the 22nd to the 25th of August. There were almost 700 Dominican lay brothers and sisters in Iraq and their situation is particularly complex and difficult.

To be a preacher and not to be a pilgrim, is impossible….

Pilgrimage takes many forms and variations; it is oriented to a goal at the end of which we anticipate the result of our journey. In the context of the forthcoming Great Jubilee of the Dominican Order, this year is devoted to the topic Lay Dominicans and preaching. And as preaching is associated with pilgrimage, the European Council of Lay Dominican fraternities came up with the idea of the Pilgrim Image of St. Dominic travelling from country to country across Europe.

Caleruega2011: Participants

Here is the list of lay Dominican provinces and vicariates which have confirmed their participation:

Austria, Belgium-south, Bulgaria, Croatia, Dacia (Norway), France (Province of France and Province of Toulouse), Belgium-Flanders, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy (north and south), Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain (Province of Spain and Province of Aragon), Switzerland, Ukraine and United Kingdom.