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29th November 2000 Prot No. SOl00/1928 Lettere varie MO

A meeting of the Dominican Family in Europe

My dear brothers and sisters,

Recently there was a meeting of the Internátional Commission of the Dominican Family (Bologna no 149), which consists of fr Yvon Pomerleau (Promoter General of the Dominican Family), fr Manuel Merten (Promoter General of the nuns), fr Jerry Stookey (Promoter General of the Laity), Sister Margaret Ormond (Co-ordinator of Dominican Sisters International) and myself, to review our implementation of the tasks given to us by the General Chapter of the friars at Bologna.

Introductory Talk by the President

Again we welcome you all, particularly those who were not able to come yesterday evening. We thank God that you arrived here safely even if you have had a long or difficult journey.

We welcome you not only for yourselves but those whom you bring in your hearts: the other members of your provinces.

We have an exciting programme that we hope you will find not only fruitful but enjoyable. One of the most important objects of this Assembly is to get to know each other and enjoy each others company in the presence of God.


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