ECLDF meeting in Bratislava

The new European Council – elected during last meeting. the president will be published soon. President: Robert Kopfmüller-Knabe (Germany) – Secretary: Eva Kameniarova (Slovakia) – Formation: Tomáš Machula (Czech) – Treasurer: Chantal Soligny (France) – * One more assignment exists, which is not elected, but is voluntary: Webmistress: Nikolett Muranyi (Hungary)…

Internet workshop

This workshop is meant not just to tell you a lot about Dominican websites. It is our idea that we should discuss themes and issues that matter to you. We use a PowerPoint presentation, but it will only offer an introduction. Depending on your reactions and questions you can decide on which subject we will focus.

The Dominicans have a number of websites on Internet. Lay Dominican websites are growing in number and volume. Two crucial questions are the problem of choosing the subjects for a website and choosing the way of presenting this. We will look at several websites during this presentation. The main goal of this workshop is learning together about the possibilities of websites. Working together will also help in shaping the future of Lay Dominican websites.

Announcing Christ

It is the task of every preacher, indeed of every believer, to  instruct people in order to bring them to the faith. (Summa Theologica, 72, 4 ad 3)
It is also a part of the [lay]Dominican vocation to promote the unity of Christians and dialogue with non-Christians and unbelievers. (Rule of the Lay Dominican Fraternities, n°12b)


Homily on the Feast of St Boniface

Homily 5 June 2004 (2 Timothy 4.1-8; Mark 12.38-44)
Feast of St Boniface

1. Encourage through all patience and teaching… put up with hardship… and fulfill your ministry. In these words to Timothy, Paul includes all the elements of a holy preaching: encouragement, patience, hardship and fulfilment.

2. Encouragement: The word means ‘to put heart into,’ or ‘to comfort.’ It is also one of the readings for the feast of St Dominic, who was described by his companions as ‘the best possible comforter’ and encourager. To encourage does not mean to simply pat another on the back but rather to put into the other one’s own heart.

Report from the International Council for Lay Dominican Fraternities 2004

After conferring with Lay Dominicans this Council was formed in May 2002. It consists of 5 members representing 5 regions: (Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America). and the General Promoter for the Laity,

The mission statement: The ICLDF is an international network for promoting greater communication between Lay Dominican Fraternities in order to achieve a more effective preaching of the Gospel.
At its official inauguration the Master of the Order, Fr. Carlos Aspiroz, confirmed the membership of this Council. Three of these members were elected and two appointed.

Lay Dominicans and the Order

Let me begin by saying that you may not find anything very new in my presentation. It is my personal sharing, and I would like you to accept it as such. Given the relevancy of the topic, I do hope that it will be sufficiently stimulating so as to lead us into serious discussion.

I will speak about the Laity in general, about the Lay Dominicans and finally about the place of Lay Dominicans in the Order.

Presentation of the Promotor General


1. Thank you. Let me begin by thanking you for inviting me to participate in this Assembly and for the privilege of working with the ECLDF during these past few years. It is truly an honor for me to be your Promoter General—and I would say, probably the best job you could get at Santa Sabina! In a special way everyone wants to thank the Dominican Laity of Germany for such a fantastic welcome and preparation of this Assembly.


Our 1st year activity

Each of us has got e-mail access. We keep in touch by it and we also regularly meet. A meeting lasts for a weekend. Council meetings were held in Bratislava (Slovakia) in October 2001 (present: 2 members and fr. Jerry), in Budapest (Hungary) in March 2002 (present: 4 members and fr. Jerry) and in Walberberg (Germany) in June 2002 (present: 4 members, fr. Jerry, Klaus Bornewasser and fr. David Kammler).