Ongoing Formation for Lay Dominicans

Most chapters/fraternities of Lay Dominicans have elderly or disabled members who are unable to attend the meetings.  As part of our ongoing formation we have a responsibility for those members in this category who wish to remain connected with the Order and with their chapter/fraternity.  Our concern for and kindness to these members is a very important part of our life of preaching, prayer and community.  Our community life is tenuous in comparison to the Friars or Sisters but it is still a valid part of our Dominican commitment. Others will see how we care for our elderly/disabled members and this is preaching in action.

Portuguese Dominican Family visits Caleruega

When we celebrate the Jubilee of 800 years of the Order, nothing could be better than going back to the source, the original background. It was what a group of 51 members of the Portuguese Dominican Family did, between 26 and 29 June: lay Dominicans, friars, sisters and friends were on a pilgrimage to Caleruega, Saint Dominic’s birthplace.

Prayer for the Jubilee of the Order

The Order of Preachers is preparing for the Jubilee celebration in 2016 on the occasion of the 800 years of its approval. Prayer is essential to enter into the dynamics of renewal and conversion to which the Jubilee celebration calls us. For this reason, as Lay Dominicans we join in the praying of the Jubilee prayer together with all the Dominican family.

Presentation of the Promotor General


1. Thank you. Let me begin by thanking you for inviting me to participate in this Assembly and for the privilege of working with the ECLDF during these past few years. It is truly an honor for me to be your Promoter General—and I would say, probably the best job you could get at Santa Sabina! In a special way everyone wants to thank the Dominican Laity of Germany for such a fantastic welcome and preparation of this Assembly.