Meditation with the Pilgrim Image

The Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities meets at Rome to prepare this assembly. I remember the words, Bruno Cadoré, our Master, said, when he saw the icon of St. Dominic first while we had our meeting: “A colourful picture! It fits not only to Lay Dominicans, it fits the whole of the Order. It expresses our colourful variety.”

Prayer for the Jubilee of the Order

The Order of Preachers is preparing for the Jubilee celebration in 2016 on the occasion of the 800 years of its approval. Prayer is essential to enter into the dynamics of renewal and conversion to which the Jubilee celebration calls us. For this reason, as Lay Dominicans we join in the praying of the Jubilee prayer together with all the Dominican family.

Formation Report

The ECLDF Assembly 2011 in Caleruega gave to the new council the assignment to give attention to the urgent question of how to organize and improve the formation of Dominican Lay Fraternities in Europe. The final Formation Report for the ECLDF Assembly 2014 in Bologna gives an overview of the various contents, forms and methods of initial and ongoing formation, together with references to some literature.