Introductory Talk by the President

Again we welcome you all, particularly those who were not able to come yesterday evening. We thank God that you arrived here safely even if you have had a long or difficult journey.

We welcome you not only for yourselves but those whom you bring in your hearts: the other members of your provinces.

We have an exciting programme that we hope you will find not only fruitful but enjoyable. One of the most important objects of this Assembly is to get to know each other and enjoy each others company in the presence of God.

Internet workshop

This workshop is meant not just to tell you a lot about Dominican websites. It is our idea that we should discuss themes and issues that matter to you. We use a PowerPoint presentation, but it will only offer an introduction. Depending on your reactions and questions you can decide on which subject we will focus.

The Dominicans have a number of websites on Internet. Lay Dominican websites are growing in number and volume. Two crucial questions are the problem of choosing the subjects for a website and choosing the way of presenting this. We will look at several websites during this presentation. The main goal of this workshop is learning together about the possibilities of websites. Working together will also help in shaping the future of Lay Dominican websites.

Homily on the Feast of St Boniface

Homily 5 June 2004 (2 Timothy 4.1-8; Mark 12.38-44)
Feast of St Boniface

1. Encourage through all patience and teaching… put up with hardship… and fulfill your ministry. In these words to Timothy, Paul includes all the elements of a holy preaching: encouragement, patience, hardship and fulfilment.

2. Encouragement: The word means ‘to put heart into,’ or ‘to comfort.’ It is also one of the readings for the feast of St Dominic, who was described by his companions as ‘the best possible comforter’ and encourager. To encourage does not mean to simply pat another on the back but rather to put into the other one’s own heart.